“Choosing a company to redo the shingles on our roof was a stressful undertaking for us.

First, there are so many companies to choose from. Second, there are so many types of shingles and other finishes to choose from. And third, you are spending a lot of money on something that you hope lasts at least 20 years, but are concerned that it may not hold up over that time if you make the wrong decision on the previous two choices.

Marc was recommended to us by father. My father felt that Marc had done an exceptional job on his VERY challenging roof in River Heights. I reached out to Marc the same day and he provided me with a quote a few days later. Besides M&M, we had also asked for quotes from 2 other highly regarded local roofers. With our 3 quotes in front of us, my wife and I did our best to compare the proposals and determine who had provided us with the best price AND the most detail as to how this price was assessed.

Of the 3 quotes, M&M Roofing's quote was the most competitive, but on the other hand, of the 3 quotes, it was the most simple, straightforward had the least details. We decided to call Marc and have him walk us through the quote.

Our call to Marc gave us even more confidence that price aside, he was the best choice to do our roof. Marc used satellite imaging of our house to accurately assess the cost of our job. He also did an excellent job explaining shingle options, venting and other finishes - actually assuring us that our current home didn't need any additional expenditures besides replacing the shingles. We gave him the job right after that call.

Marc's crew came in and finished our roof in one day. They were professional, courteous and did an excellent job cleaning up the mess.

With winter upon us, our new roof has been over our head for the last 2 months. Even though this time has passed, Marc has recently come by to help us out with some eavestrough issues, that had nothing to do with the reshingling of our roof and on top of that, did not charge us for his services. If you believe that actions speak louder than words, then you would agree that given what we have shared, it is clear that Marc Maric cares about his customers.

We are very happy with M&M Roofing & Exteriors and are happy to recommend Marc Maric and his crew to anyone who needs a new roof.”


Jason & Kathryn Brandes
  “Just want to thank you and your staff for doing a great job on my roof. You made every effort to accommodate the timing of my job and finished it by the date promised. The shingles, facia, soffits and eaves all look fantastic. It is a beautiful job. The crews left everything clean and tidy. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company”!

Shari Gascoigne
461 Sprague Street
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